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Ego Magazine Belgium Media 2...

Ego Magazine Belgium Media Exclusive girls for exclusive people! What training do you have? I am an analyst-programmer. My studies in computer science go back around ago twenty years to 1988. At that time, it was very different than today. The first year, everything was done on paper and consisted only of mathematics and analysis; the 2nd year, we started working on a machine After your studies, what direction did you take? In a classic path after this type of

Exclusive girls for exclusive people!

Ego magazine, Belgium Media


Patrick Marchal Designer of, the reference site for Escort girls Exclusive girls for exclusive people! Today, everything, absolutely everything, can be found on the Internet. Both products and services. And among the latter, why not those charming young ladies who offer their company for an hour, a night, a week in exchange for a handful of euros! Why should the Internet be limited to job offers or real estate ads when most maj

Therapists of the 3rd millennium

Therapists of the 3rd millennium a selection of the most beautiful Escort girls since 1999 Women of dreams for some, birds of ill omen for others, Escorts are, in any case, at the forefront. Let's take a closer look. We are the victims of technology and modernity. Well, that's no reason to cry, but you have to get used to the idea. In today's world, both men and women work. Work, sleep, work. Many people live alone and have no one to trim their bib in the evening. Emails, ch

Maxime Escort Girl

“Above all, they want dreams” Max, 33 years old, is an escort girl on

With pleasure and pride. How did you get started? I had a regular job in the social sector. My boyfriend and I were looking for a swingers club. It was my fantasy.
That's how we started. I loved sleeping with men and he loved watching. I met a girl there who told me about the escort girl concept and I found it wonderful.
Play with men, give them pleasure and get paid

Journal le Soir Escort girls...

Whether we are passing through Monaco, Ibiza, or Austria. in Sweden, Lithuania, a simple click of the fingers
  on, and you just have to make your choice.
Sandra Aurora? Maybe Sofia. the appointment is made with a local girl, often a graduate
of university. trilingual, Chic and impeccable style, and that's it. No more waiting for pipes
from the hotel bellboy or through the intermediary of a professional agency.
This is the concept of the

Top 5 dominant sex styles to try with an escort girl...

Top 5 dominant sex styles to try with an escort girl

When it comes to romping escorts, some of the best things are attached to dominance. We often hear of great sex and incredible orgasms, but how often do you hear of the details of how we can understand our bodies better and explore our deepest sexual desires? Whether it’s your first time going out with an escort, or you’re a regular merrymaker and customer, it’s high time you tried a new variety in

Le blog, les meilleures escortes girls et masseuses du monde, depuis 1999...

Ici vous avez le blog où vous trouverez les meilleurs articles sur les escortes de luxe et masseuses en Belgique ainsi que d'autres sujets le sexe payants. est un site Web qui est né comme une page dédiée exclusivement aux escortes et masseuses qui offrent leurs services en Belgique. Nous voulons concentrer tout notre contenu sur la read more 0 Comments

A Bruxelles, les escort-girls travaillent toujours malgré le Covid-19...

Elles viennent tout droit de Russie ou d'Europe de l'Est. Ce sont des escortes girls, ce qui veut dire des prostituées de luxe (200 euros de l'heure la prestation, minimum) qui voyages partout en Europe pour offrir leurs services. Elles ne restent que quelques jours, semaines ou quelques mois dans une ville. 

Prostitution en Belgique pourtant interdite du au Covid-19<

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